Notes regarding agua.nu email

I have decided to move all agua.nu email over to Google G Suite (Gmail), because costs with our current provider are spiralling out of control and we're having problems with spam and iphones.

You will keep your existing yourname@agua.nu email address, this just means changing the server hostname for accessing your email, and we need to copy your archived emails and folders to the new server.

You can still use your existing email apps (iphone, ipad, android, outlook, thunderbird etc) and they should work as before. The only real difference you'll notice is the webmail interface is a gmail one.

The new service will cost £33 per mailbox per year (payable to me), with a 30GB storage allowance

If you would rather not change to google, you can open your own email account and I can configure forwarding of agua email to that account.

Assuming you are happy to use google, the steps are
1) I open a user account for you
2) I set your incoming email to go to both the new and old servers
3) You log on to new account and set your password (or I can do this for you)
4) You configure your email apps (e.g. phone, ipad, outlook, mac mail) to use the new server
5) We copy all your old emails from the old server to the new one (see below)
6) All done, carry on using new account and ignore old account, which will get deleted

Note that step 2 above means that no incoming email will get lost during the changeover. However make sure that from step 4 onwards you don't send or reorganise mail on your old aaisp account.

Regards step 5 (copying email from old to new accounts), if you are happy to let me know your password I can use google's automated service for this.
If you prefer to do it yourself, either copy them over by hand, or you could try https://imapsync.lamiral.info/X/
Note it took about 24 hours to do mine so don't get impatient!

Settings for Gmail:-

You can access google webmail from any web browser at https://gmail.com/

username: your email address (yourname@agua.nu)

password: unless you ask me to set one, you will be prompted by google to set one

Please use a strong password (as indicated by google website when you enter new password), as we have had several accounts hacked due to weak passwords.

If you forget your new password just click "Forgot Password"

If you use a mail app on your phone, you need to change settings. Unless you are techy it is easiest to delete the old account in the app settings, and start from scratch. Most apps will automatically configure a google/gmail account with just your username and password.

For example on an iPhone/iPad go to Settings - Mail - Add Account - Google, just enter your email address and password and it will automagically sort the server settings for you.

There is all sorts of gmail help on t'interweb, for example

Apple iOS https://support.apple.com/en-ke/HT201320

General Gmail help https://support.google.com/mail#topic=7065107 and https://support.google.com/mail/answer/78892?hl=en

A few notes:-

Account Settings - please log in to your gmail account (using a browser) and go through the account settings, particularly your password recovery options (under Accounts and Import tab).

Spam - google has heavier filtering of spam, so you should see less in your inbox, but I find it sometimes catches genuine emails so I check my spam folder regularly. Check the folder is visible - if using gmail webmail then go to settings - labels and set Spam label to show (or show if unread)

Blocking - if you use a PC mail app such as Thunderbird or Outlook, then you may find that Google block you, and send you an email about using a "Less secure app". This is just google trying to make you use their tools.
You can turn off this block and enable access at https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps
For more details see https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en